The Books of Philip Nork                                                                                         

This House is a Home

The author takes me back to my own Midwestern childhood. The main character learns to appreciate the old-timers and the hard times they experienced working in the coal mines.  Nork's no nonsense writing style weaves an educational tale about southern Illinois, its coal mining history, and a touching story of generations of one family. Leslie Hoffman, editor

This is a beautifully written book. Peter Borden needs to write an essay on family. On a visit to experience the roots of his family, he ventures with his grandfather to southern Illinois and the coal mining days of long ago. This book is a story of life, its struggles, and how to truly make a house a home.  author P.S. Winn

Wanting to find out more about his family's past, Peter Borden takes a venture to meet people he never met before, one's who know the history of the family and their beginnings. The end of this venture would change not only his life but those who are very close to him also. Could you live in a time where there was no air conditioning, no computers, no cell phones, and not even a washing machine? Take a trip back in time with the Senger family of Stiritz, Illinois, a coal mining town built long ago but not changing with the times. Learn the true meaning of family ties, friendship, love and what the definition of a home really is.  Reviewer, Fran Lewis

Once in while I pick up a book that takes me back in time. This is one of those books. No matter when you grew up, this book will teach you the same lesson Peter Borden learned, A hous eis just a building, what makes it a home are the people in it. It doesn't matter where you live or what you do as long as you have family, you're taken care of.   Reviewer, Martha Cheeves

This is an entrancing tale of family and of lifestyle. My hat is off to Mr. Nork for creating such a spellbinding story.  Reviewer, Bonnie Cehovet

A touching tale which shows that money is not everything nor is it important in the scheme of life. Love and respect are the most important things a person can have. Another great story by this author which causes us to reflect on our own families.  Author, Cynthia Smith

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