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Awarded the Gold Standard of Literary Excellence by The Princeton Literary Review   2012

Author Phil Nork presents a straightforward, insightful, and heartwarming story of a young man who finally got it. Unselfish, caring and always putting the needs of others before his, Phil travels in a fast world of women seeking their own pleasures at the exclusion of his. This is a well written and informative novel that will help adults, young teens and young adults learn the answers to many questions."
Fran Lewis, Independent Reviewer
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A truly well written, thought provoking, amusing and charming read. If every boy were to take at least one life lesson out of this book, there would be a lot more self assured women out there, a lot sooner in life.
Orchard Book Club

"A refreshingly honest look at a young man coming through puberty by the way of lessons he takes from women. Shares some very mature perspectives, ones that any prudent parent or anyone working with children would be well served to read. It was amazing how soothing a read it was...A very beautiful, honest and mature read."
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Though it has come out from a male author, I am impressed that the book appreciates women and the roles they play in a man's life and society in general.
Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite

"I am sure there are any number of women who would want their husbands or boyfriends to read this book...It would make a great gift. Personally, I think it would be much more effective than Men are from Mars...or Bridges of Madison County. In fact, if I were still teaching development or adolescent pyschology, I would make this book required reading...If I were to distill Nork's lessons into one sentence it would be: Listen to and understand the wants and feelings of women."
Kenneth Weene PhD and author of Widow's Walk and Memoirs from the Asylum
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This is a tremendously good read ... one that addresses our relation with ourselves, with others, and with Spirit. This could very well help those who are still trying to define their path in life, or to understand the path they are on.
Bonnie Cehovet, Independent book reviewer

"Many consider the greatest self-help book ever written to be "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, and Nork was certainly influenced by that format. Just like Carnegie did, Nork uses personal stories to illustrate the lessons he learned from the fairer sex.
Chip Etier,

Philip Nork delivers an intriguing story that's deeply moving about a boy growing up and all the challenges and choices he must make on his journey. This touching story tugs at the heartstrings, and is thought-provoking till the end.
Geri Ahearn, author

"An intriguing read. To the average reader, a coming of age story...but there is so much more to it. Mr. Nork's struggle for acceptance and happiness is fascinating. Being a young boy, a product of a divorce no less, Nork uses lessons learned to help him find these lost desires...yet along the way he somehow equates them to sexual pleasure. The resulting internal debate he has about good and bad is skillfully written, along with allowing the reader to experience both sides of each story. A unique way to show the different perceptions we leave. I found the book not about sex at all. but more about the journey of self-acceptance."
Gwendolyn Banks Ph.D.

In my opinion,
Misguided Sensitivity is a self-help book for people who don't like self-help books. It gives the reader an insight into women, relationships and how to love yourself without the preaching tone of a self-help manual.
This book may be aimed at the male reader and how that male reader can learn to gain the respect and acceptance of women, but to me it is also an insight into how to appreciate yourself as a woman and how to form valuable relationships.
This really is a great read. Not only do you get the education, but you get the entertainment. This is an emotive book and at various points throughout this book you find yourself on the emotional roller coaster of tears, laughter and anger.
This book has also been well written. A lot of books like this are written in a purely one-sided format, but Nork has introduced the female opinion, which not only adds to the entertainment but adds to the message and understanding of the book. What I really liked about these female tid-bits is that they didn't always agree with Nork's assessment of situations. Phil may have been thinking one thing, but it was good to hear the woman's opinion of the same thing."  

Nicole Trist, Books, Books Everywhere  

"Philip Nork begins his book with a Preface that claims his story 'can go a long way toward strengthening the bond and softening the age-old battle between men and women.' This is a bold claim--a claim that first, there is a war, and second, there is a solution in his stories. Well, as a woman who has centered her values on the idea of empathy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and read on. I'm glad I did. Although the journey begins with definite, dogmatic views of the man and woman's roles in society, it slowly unfurls into an enlightening tale, which proves one man's burgeoning compassion and ability to empathize with the other sex. In learning to empathize, Nork also learns to find fulfillment in his own right, his identity is shaped through this literary exploration, and the end result is absolutely lovely. This is a book about understanding and self-worth. This is a book to read."
J.L.Knox, author of Musical Chairs Read the whole review

"Philip Nork is a great story teller...A coming of age story that can be enjoyed by anyone, the lessons learned are applicable to both male and female."
Kate the Book Buff

 "Misguided Sensitivity" is an insightful read for young men and women in understanding that each of us has a journey and lessons to learn, especially when those of us feel very "different" whether it be because of parent's divorcing, or another cultural or social economic reason. Adolescence is a time when peer acceptance means so much more than anything else in our world...Both men and women will relate to this book..."
Donna Scrima-Black, author of MommyBest...
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"This novel is not only unique but fascinating as well. It is well-written and is a real credit to the author, Philip Nork, especially since it is his first book."
Jerry Banks, author of
Secret Agenda

"It’s a coming of age story, with lessons for all."
Author Darcia Helle.

The story of this boy growing into a man and the choices he makes are touching. Not really as much as "ahh how sweet" but more in the it touches your soul and connects you with the story type of way.
Toni G. Sinns, Author of I've Got You Covered.

"Misguided Sensitivity" is like a self-help book crossed with a tale of self-discovery, but without the condescending tones...would recommend it to anyone wanting to read a unique alternative point of view on relationships."
Beth, Maybe Tomorrow book reviews

"Misguided Sensitivity" is not just for males. This book can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in understanding his or her sexual partner. If I had a son, I would want him to read this book. Appreciation to the author must be given for his willingness to share this intimate, very personal story."  
G.A. Bixler, Book Readers Heaven 

"Straightforward and refreshingly candid, "Misguided Sensitivity' is an impressive presentation of a life with a plethora of helpful lessons to share. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to cut through the typical facade of relationship "politics" and learn the roots of true, lasting happiness. 
Tara Hopkins, Apex Review
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"A delicate and intimate coming of age story...I applaud the author for the originality of the story and looking back in a nurturing and humanizing way." 
Author Exposure
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"Mr. Nork shares what many females have wondered about since the beginning of time...'What do males think about?' and 'How do they feel?'"   
Denny Hagel, Innovative Parentiing LLC, 

"In a bare all sort of way Nork has exposed his sensitive nature to the eyes of the reader...hopefully the reader sees the deeper message--the message of unity of spirit--and how when you think of others and their feelings, both parties benefit from the relationship."   
odi Nelson, Goodreads 

"This is one book I recommend you read twice. First, just for the enjoyment factor of the stories involved. The second time to see how all the lessons talked about early on come back into play on the author's life later on. An interesting way to let the readers know early experiences can influence the way you live...if you can remember them."
Dr.Jeremy David, MFT.

"Sensitivity. Roses. Gentle. Nurturing...male? I bet some of you women never thought you'd hear those words put together before. But you read right. All those things can exist in males. Philip Nork has proven that in his book "Misguided Sensitivity." 
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“A highly entertaining and unique trip back in time. Women will want to have someone like Phil enter their life, while men will wish they were more like him. Either way, all will be thoroughly entertained.” 
Cliff Carle, editor  

"Misguided Sensitivity" is a very beautiful, honest and mature read. Although anyone will enjoy this, those who grew up in the 1960's and 1970's will really like the music mentioned as it will re-awaken the readers own memories. And those from a broken home will truly understand the meanings behind the stories. This is one book you'll not regret reading. This book is about understanding, self-worth and learning how to appreciate others as you 'find yourself.' It is very well written, in fact I would have never known that Nork is a first time author. Find the time for this one, sit back with your beverage of choice and enjoy! Well done!" 
aye Manalili, Independent Reviewer

“Misguided Sensitivity" is reflections of a discovery of self and the quest for acceptance and finding happiness. The stories that have emerged are ripe with feeling and diversity."
Authors Promoting Authors

"Impressed by the honesty and sensitvity used in writing the book. We all have choices to make in the process of growing up, sometimes these choices are not always the best, but we make them with good intentions."
Janette Fuller 
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“A witty combination of ‘The Wonder Years’, ‘Sex in the City’, and ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Don’t know what is fact and what is fiction, but it doesn’t matter. A great read.” 
The North Las Vegas Book Club

“While using subtle symbols Phil shares lessons that all men—including those hoping to date again—need to know.”
Peggy Fisher Writingbyfisher   Florida

“Imaginative work of fact and fiction. A young boy’s fantasy.”

Kathy Krusso, Illinois

“Your lessons learned were great…and universal for everyone to learn.”

Sue Dorsey, Georgia

“Started reading last night…couldn't stop until I finished it. WOW, what a story!”

Sheryl Dornblaser, Georgia

"Couldn't put it down. Wonderful insights into the differences in the way women and men perceive things. I am looking forward to your next work."
Tracy Widhalm, Arizona
























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