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Life Is A Balance

Awarded the Gold Standard of Literary Excellence by The Princeton Literary                                                              Review   2013

Life takes us in many directions and we have choices to make every step of the way. Some choices are definitely wrong, while others are right. Feelings of despair, isolation, and unhappiness plague everyone at one time, but just how these took their toll on "Phil" and how he worked them out is what makes this book a must read for everyone. Understanding, tolerance, faith, loyalty, trust and hope are all part of what he tried to impart to others , and had to learn for himself. You won't believe the ending and make sure you have a box of tissues because you are going to need at least one, if not two. Once again, Philip Nork teaches everyone many important lessons in life that we all need to learn.
Fran Lewis, Independent Book Reviewer

In Life is a Balance, readers find an older Phil from Misguided Sensitivity, but one of the strengths of this new book is in its presenting a complete story on its own with only the minimum references needed from the first to move the story along without taking away from the first book as a complete pre-story to this book ... a story that contains excellent characterizations and dialogue that make readers care about Phil, rooting for him to attain what appears seemingly impossible for him. 
Angie Mangino,  Independent Book Reviewer

I recommend this book as an enjoyable read, but also as a book that will help the reader to better understand themselves, and those around them. We all deal with the same issues in life, but we deal with them in our own unique way. Nork shows us we have choices and if we keep our hearts open we will receive the guidance that we need. Well worth reading!
Bonnie Cehovet, reviewer

Balancing gritty realsim with gentle mysticism and faith, fitting together the bad and the good and adding hope, plus roses, this book pulls the reader in and won't let go until the ending becomes a new beginning and balance is restored. Enjoy!
Sheila Deeth, author and reviewer

...offers an interesting story and an opportunity for the reader to learn and grow along with the author. Philip Nork's honest and evocative book succeeds in meeting both those goals. Bravo. Kenneth Weene, author Tales From the Dew Drop Inne, Widow's Walk, Memoirs From the Asylum

A captiviating and intelligent read. A book you don't want to miss. Highly recommended.
Amber Lehman, author of Torn

Phil Nork again shares the lessons he has learned in life with profound honesty and insight...the characters leap from the pages...a truly enjoyable read.
Darcia Helle, author Hit List and Into the Light

Life Is a Balance was very well structured, had little to no grammar errors, and the characters of the story were all very well portrayed. I honestly believe that adult fans of real fiction would really enjoy this book. This author could very well become a favorite. 
Tamara Beard, Book Reviewer

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