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Legends of the Lake

Once again author Phil Nork takes the reader on a journey back in time to where things were simple, kids learned to have some great fun outside, families knew the real meaning of love and friendship and one young man finds his way. Read the whole review.
Fran Lewis, Independent Reviewer

These are stories that made a young boy's life better.These stories helped shape not only Phil, but the whole family into what they were and what they are today. It kept me in a "wishing world." I wish I could have lived the history of this family. I also wish I could be one to help carry the memories into the next generation. Are these stories truth or fiction? Who cares. You have to read this one or you're missing out on some wonderful emotional feelings.
Martha Cheeves, reviewer

This reader would describe this book as a lazy Sunday drive through time, invloving generational memories and shares the joy and sorrows of the Legends of the Lake.
Susan Mahoney, book reviewer 

An amazing read! A story of family, memories, love and relationships. I found myself crying most of the second half of this book. Well worth the price of admission.
Bonnie Cehovet, reviewer

Wow! Phil has such a way with words. I hope everyone who reads this finds their happy place and remembers to make sure their children experince the love of all their family.
Cindy Smith, author of The Voices in my Head

This book was one of the ones that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.
Claire Atherton, Independent Reviewer

...the true strength of this work is the family dynamic. This is a family to which readers can relate, with real dialogue, and characterizations that truly brings family to life.
Angie Mangino, Independent book reviewer

Very enjoyable. Who doesn't dream of having a cabin or a cottage by the lake to make wonderful memories with the family. You will fall in love with the Great Grandfather!

This truly is a book to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.
Toni G.Sinns, Author of "I've Got You Covered."
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