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Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Philip Nork spent the early years of his life trying to adjust to the divorce of his parents. He did this by becoming extremely introverted and watching how the mechanics of men and women worked. He was able to discover at a young age that you never know when someone will enter your life and broaden your horizons forever.
When he wasn't observing this dynamic, he would spend hour upon hour locked away in his bedroom listening to the melancholy songs of his favorite artists, like Bread, Jim Croce, Air Supply and especially, Rod Stewart.
As he continued to grow he learned many things about life from the females surrounding him. Some of the stories in his books come from from this realization. All of his stories have pieces of his life scattered in throughout them, and although all are written with a fiction flair, some of these memories still hit home for him.
After marrying, having a son and moving to Nevada Phil accepted a job which found him on the road far too many nights. One of these rainy nights, while sitting in an Arizona hotel room, Phil turned on the television to find the classic movie Grease on the screen. This movie means something special to him. When it ended, he turned on some 1970's music and slipped into the windmills of his mind. The result was his first book, Misguided Sensitivity.
In the next few years books 2-9 also came to fruition. His editor, Cliff Carle, states, "Phil takes a complicated subject like relationships and finding oneself, and weaves tales that we all can relate to. He does it in a way that makes you laugh, cry and remember just how you got to be who you are today."

Would you like an autographed copy of any of his books? Do you have an occasion that you'd like an award-winning author make extra special for that certain someone? All you have to do is drop him an e-mail at and ask. He also loves to hear from his fans, so either an e-mail or a comment on the Guestbook page of this website would be welcomed.

Being primarily an Indie author, meaning he does all the work himself, if you read and enjoy one of his books please leave a short review on for him. They really do help sales and the good ones make him feel better about his writings.

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